All of the theme settings and options of Education LMS Pro are available in the customizer. It helps you to customize the site as you like and with customizer you can actually see live what are you doing and how it applies to the site.


Well.. All of us have our own favourite colors. We all like to have our favourite colors on the site. So Education LMS Pro has featured to select colors for all most all the elements of your site just from the customizer.


Fonts make a huge difference on your site. Sometimes you may don’t like the default fonts included in the theme. That is why Education LMS Pro has included all most all the google fonts in it letting you to choose your favorite fonts or most matching fonts for your site.

Click to view large imageDIFFERENT HEADER PRESETS

3 different header presets includes logo, header widget, login, register, primary menu and button.


We use WordPress build-in customizer to allow our buyers to change the look & feel of footer widget layout as they want.


Add your own copyright and remove designer credentials and other data very easily.

== Changelog ==
= 0.0.7 - February 28 2019 =
* Support RTL.
* Fixed courses page full width layout.
* Fixed submenu dropdown [PRO]
* Add a Course Search widget [PRO]
* Add more feature slider settings [PRO]
* Add option to hide the titlebar on post & course [PRO]
* Add number of columns for courses page on desktop & tablet. See in Customize => Theme Options => Global. [PRO]

= 0.0.6 - December 19 2018 =
* Gutenberg Compatible.
* Add new Course Grid item. See
* Fixed count the lesson and quizze item in single course.
* [PRO] Add new custom header image for post & course.
* [PRO] New Course Grid Layout 2 with filter. See
* Update Bootstrap 4

= 0.0.5 - August 24 2018 =
* Add menu sidebar display position left/right/dropdown.
* Add container max width.
* Add header & footer full-width/contained layout.
* Add hide footer social option.
* Add WooCommerce Cart to header topbar.
* Add new header layout with logo is center [PRO]
* Improve the Customizer preview

= 0.0.4 - August 20 2018 =
* Add logo max width in Customize => Site Identity.
* Show the site title & tagline on mobile.
* Update mobile menu.
* Update shop page title and hide the description.
* Update top menu style.
* Add new Heaader Preset 3
* Add new Featured/Recent Course Widget
* Add Featured/Category course in Course elementor widget.
= 0.0.3 - June 26 2018 =
* Update theme reviewer

= 0.0.2 - May 23 2018 =
* Initial release