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Install the Education LMS WordPress Theme

Normally, you can use this way to import the Education LMS (Pro) theme:


Or this way:


If it still does not work, please use this way:


  • Download the education-lms.zip from link above, upload it to your server or localhost then extract ZIP file.
  • Go to phpMyadmin, import SQL file. Remember to delete old tables first.
  • Open the wp config file, change the database name, username, password. Do the following here.
  • Access phpMyadmin again, find wp_options table and replace the home_url & site_url with your domain. See here.
  • Find wp_users table, replace admin email with your one. Then go to WP Login page to reset the password.
  • Install the Better Search Replace plugin to replace all demo link with your URL.

That’s all. 

Thanks for using our theme!

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